Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Boy

What a treat it was to get these precious baby photos in the mail from Rijkens' birth mom who still owns Rijkens' dam Ladybug.  Here they are together when Rijkens was about four months old.

Excellent conformation even as a baby: 
 Adorable face:

 Nice neck, even then; Rijkens still rocks the punk mane look:
 Cuteness defined:
Though these photos show he does look a lot like his mom Ladybug, there is no denying Rijkens is a true son of his sire Rantares.  Here is Rantares with Cheryl Kellerman, Rijkens' breeder and first trainer:


Anonymous said...

What a cute ponyboy! I can almost photoshop you into that wonderful trot pic of Rantares, except that you'll be wearing a helmet.