Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Had my first lesson today on Rijkens with Karen Brown, and Karen rode him the last few minutes of the session.  When the rider lifts, lightens, and gives and reminds him to keep his hindquarter active Rijkens is happy to remain supple and in self carriage with an uphill balance; if however the rider allows him to be heavy toward his forehand, he's equally happy to comply.  There will be much activating the inside hind, simple sidle, and turns around the haunches and forehand in Rijkens' near future.  WHAT FUN he was today-- and it was cool seeing Karen pilot him.

In the meantime I'm doing my part to uphold the economy by online and local shopping to the nth degree.  One would think I'd have all the essential equipment on hand but no, it turns our there are a myriad items that need to be acquired.  (Well okay maybe, as Clint Eastwood said "NEED's got nothin' to do with it.")

An oversize fly mask complete with his name embroidered had to be procured.  Of course the double bridle has been ordered and a new show/clinic pad with his name and Holsteiner brand.  A tack trunk nameplate including his breed logo is coming in the mail.  New salt licks-- both traditional and Himalayan.  A personalized supplement regime has been implemented including daily dewormer, Cosequin, and an electrolyte/mineral.  He's on Fast Track probiotic during his acclimation period as a safeguard in his new diet transition.  Zimectrin gold paste as a start-up for his daily dewormer and as a preventative against summer sores.  Two varieties of fly spray-- sweat proof and citronella scented.

Still to be decided upon are the sports medicine boots-- we know the size but what color?  White would look so fancy but black is more conservative and would blend better.  A nice new Baker halter for daily use to match his Baker cross-ties, or invest in a quality leather show halter and just keep using the good leather sale halter he arrived in?  These and more are the important decisions Rijkens and I have been contemplating.

Rijkens-- hopeful that his every need will be met.


Carrie said...

Oh and lest we not forget the precious Pikeur shadbelly I got at camp this summer. The one Lurena Bell wore during her showing/training tenure that included a trip to the 1986 Olympics-- yeah, THAT coat.