Monday, July 9, 2012

A Moment in Time

Rode the big guy for the first time in his new home arena today.  He was spectacular.  All I can say is if one could bottle the feeling I got in that moment, heroin would be a thing of the past. 

We schooled collected trot and collected canter, simple sidle in walk and trot, collected shoulder in, and walk to canter transitions.  He was absolutely brilliant and was as sharp to the aids as though he'd been being schooled by a pro these last several weeks rather than standing in a paddock with his buddies-- which is what he's been doing in Michigan until a couple days ago.  We schooled in the snaffle today and Karen Brown has an array of bridoon and weymouth bits to try on him once his double bridle arrives in the mail.

Last night while I was hand grazing him the mares were being turned out and proceeded to gallop around.  Rijkens offered passage in hand-- and while I know he was just being exuberant (my new pony couldn't possibly be being naughty) it was still pretty cool.  And watching him overstride by several large hoofprints even in his lollygag-down-the-barn-aisle walk brings a whole new sense of satisfaction in a horse. 

*sigh*  The honeymoon begins!

Hand grazing this morning just before our first at-home ride.  What a dumpling!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The honeymoon has indeed begun, but luckily you have an in-house therapist on staff to help you two through the inevitable disagreements in the future. All such good news-- according to my calculations, you're only one or two shows away from wearing that sentimental coat you just bought at camp.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes all of the planets align, don't they? I think you and Rijkens are a meeting of like minds. Perhaps he likes your way of going as much as you like his? Not only is he handsome, but also genetically blessed, appears sweet tempered and highly intelligent. He's a golden boy -- yes, you will have some misunderstandings, but they'll be resolved and forgotten. He has obviously been very well treated by his prior owner and that makes a huge difference, doesn't it? If only all horses were brought along by kind, generous owners. Enjoy the wonder of it all, Carrie. We are all rejoicing with you!