Saturday, February 2, 2013

It Takes a Village

Aristotle said the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  This must be why Rijkens is so great because he, as most pampered show horses do, has a staff of seemingly thousands.

His supporters include:
Four trainers/clinicians: Karen Brown, Lurena Bell, Jeff Moore and Charles deKunffy.

His veterinary staff: Dr. Michael Davis his dentist, Dr. Danny Dutton his soundness expert, and Dr. Robin Robinett his chiropractor, with Waller Equine Hospital on standby in case of emergency.

His farrier Aaron Register.

His grooms that care for him daily are George, Julian and Antonio.

His breeder Cheryl Kellerman and first owner Cherie Everett who brought him into existence.

His trailer is maintained by New West Truck and Trailer

His professional braider at shows Bree Bell Bandy.

His massage therapist/body work Equine Touch expert Sandy Bartlett.

His saddle fit thermal imager Jennifer Weems of ThermScan Diagnostics and his saddler Marshall Griffin Enterprises.  

His owner and personal slave: me.

His cheering section made up of his many doting Barn Aunts.

Living according to the lifestyle to which she has quickly become accustomed, as all horses should.