Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wall of Fame

Maybe it's that clydesdale commercial from the super bowl, or maybe it's something else but I've been feeling a sense of pride and nostalgia thinking about all the fun times I've had with Delphi, and looking forward to many more great experiences with my new horse Rijkens.  It seems trite but it really is about the journey, the day-to-day seemingly small episodes that are fulfilling and keep me eagerly going to the barn day after day.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the horses and horse-people in my life, both past and present.

Delphi's wall of fame.  The blue ribbons, HDS rosettes, and USDF medal she won in the seven years I owned her, complete with her bridle name placard Karen Brown made that hung in the tackroom at Blue Fox Farm for five years, her sales ad photo, and pictures from our first and last show.
 More Delphi memorabilia.  The nameplate from her tack trunk, swag she won competing at dressage shows, and the stock tie, a gift from her Aunt Ceil, that I wore at shows with Delphi.

Rijkens is starting his own wall of fame.  With ribbons from our first (and only at this point) show complete with his sales photo, baby picture and snapshot from our first show together.  With room for more!