Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Three Ps on The Journey, and much Moore

This weekend at the Jeff Moore clinic we made much headway into learning many things, including developing power in extended gaits, adding or taking away angle and bustle in shoulder in, renver, and traver, climbing uphill halts and transitions, as well as counting flying changes.

We even played at the THREE Ps: piaffe, passage, and pirouette.  The piaffe is pretty good, we have ideas to continue to develop the passage, and the pirouette is in there it is a matter of me learning to ride it in such a way as to allow the horse to accomplish it.

Not yet perfect, but I certainly have a clue about how to school and even continue to develop the pirouette, piaffe, and passage.

Learning the piaffe:

Learning the pirouette:

Videography credit: Stacey Smith of Bridge Equestrian


Anonymous said...

Marlene Caldwell: Carrie can you elaborate a bit more on the zero maintenance leg?

Carrie said...

Carrie Chaffin: Marlene, concerning not using any "maintenance leg"-- in the piaffe my leg hangs quietly with no driving, kicking or spur; the cue for piaffe is my body tone: that is bringing my belly button toward my spine and thinking "ta da!" to get exuberance. In pirouette my leg also hangs quietly; no desperate nagging or clutching or grinding with a clinging leg aid. If I have to I can give him one single kick at a time (or tap of the whip), but then back to zero leg. This is so that the power or "giddyup-ness" or energy is generated by the beastie himself, NOT from desperate maintenance clutching from my leg or seat aids.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Fenimore: Wow!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Goodman: Oh Carrie, I'm so happy for you!! That was just GREAT. He recovered so nicely in the second video. What a lovely horse he is!