Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fourth lesson at our most recent Jeff Moore clinic May 2013

Raising the horse's chest, at first and if you permit it, should reduce the horse's speed by 50% within three strides.  If not you lift the horse's chest again, maybe louder or maybe oftener. 

Into the transition "down" (it is really a transition up) the reins should be loose. 

At first the collection may get too slow in the tempo like western pleasure.  Not to worry at first because Rijkens gets springier and I can add giddyup or a slightly quicker tempo.  A slightly quicker tempo and a slightly higher self carriage is preferred for perfect horse show collected trot.  However, springs, loosen-able reins, and adjust-ability to faster or slower is a yes for now.

Once Rijkens is taller in carriage, quicken the tempo by experimenting with lifting the chest so I can let go and then if Rijkens goes slothful in the let go moment I will stimulate him probably with the whip. 

For most transitions (NOT canter departs) the rider should lighten the seat.  Collection, brightness, raise-ability, release-ability and the like are what I need at the moment.  So practice in leg yield FXH by changing the tempo three times.  If he gets sprawly, rather than kicking spurring or whipping I have to raise and release him then say "now can you get quicker."  In all lateral work you make it: taller, smaller, raise-able, release-able, quicker tempo, OR more sweeping (we do too much sweeping at the moment).

Don't wait 'til you have need; rather practice the above every day for a few minutes.  Do some lateral stuff and talk about the tempo, the raise-ability, the self carriage.  Talk about the raise-ability and the self carriage first then talk to the tempo only after you have raise-ability and self carriage.  Then say if I spring more will I get some livelier or quicker version of the tempo?

During the canter pirouette keep my hands together.  Raise his withers and let them go where I want them at the next point of the turn.

Jeff Moore, Rijkens and me:
 Rijkens at halt.