Monday, August 12, 2013


Karen Brown and I had a wonderful experience with Rijkens and Juno at this weekend's Belle Terre Farm show.  Winning both his tests handily with a 61.4 in Prix St Georges and 67.69 in third level test three, Rijkens still had plenty of energy to spare for my third level ride after Karen started him in Prix St Georges.

Juno too was well into the sixties in first level and training level, winning his first level test and coming in a close reserve in training level against another fancy horse that scored in the 70's.

So thankful to Karen for piloting Rijkens to FEI success and supporting me as I rode Rijkens in our best test yet!  So proud of our boys Juno and Rijkens!

The breed differences of these two best friends, a Holsteiner and an Andalusian, are readily apparent side by side in the trailer!

First trick out of the hat, Juno wins first level in the deep sixties.

To the victors go the spoils; loafing in the shade with your best buddy that is.

Rijkens and Juno posing with their well-earned swag.

Juno says "Yeah, I'm a champion.  What else did you expect!"

Taking names and kicking ass; Karen dominated everything from FEI to training level all in the same day!


Anonymous said...

Congrats all around.