Sunday, July 8, 2012

Full Circle

Rijkens, Carrie and Delphi.  Delphi went to her new home on the same transport in which Rijkens arrived.

Rijkens (pronounced "RYE-kens") the new wonder-pony is here!  We've fitted him with an appropriate snaffle bridle and I lunged and did some in-hand work with him today.  He was completely relaxed and nonplussed in the new arena yet was very keen.  Suspension in trot and canter- what!  I plan on riding him tomorrow in the snaffle while we wait for his double bridle to arrive in the mail.  Tuesday I'll have my first lesson on him with Karen Brown.  As you can imagine I'm over the moon!

Delphi arriving later the same day at Lyndon Rife's farm near Dallas with her new mom Tammy.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet, but bittersweet. I can hardly wait to meet Rijkens, but will miss Delphi. What am I supposed to tell Bailey the next time Jeff Moore comes to town?